Expression of vascular endothelial growth factor in a human hemangiosarcoma cell line (ISOHAS). Epigallocatechin-3-gallate inhibits VCAM-1 expression and apoptosis induction associated with LC3 expressions in TNF[alpha]-stimulated human endothelial cells.
Primary renal angiosarcoma is an exceedingly rare and aggressive neoplasm. Although it may occur in youth, this tumour is frequently reported in the sixth and seventh decades of life. The clinical presentation is frequently varied. Pathogenesis remains largely unknown and it has overlapping features …What is hemangiosarcoma? According to Wikipedia, hemangiosarcoma is a rapidly growing, highly invasive variety of cancer that occurs almost exclusively in dogs, and only rarely in cats, horses, mice, or humans. It is relatively common to find hemangiosarcoma in dogs, especially in larger breeds such as golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers.

Hemangiosarcoma in humans

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Advances in Hemangiosarcoma Treatment. Hemangiosarcoma (HSA) is a tumor with which most veterinary practitioners are well familiar. For most dogs, the diagnosis of HSA is a harbinger of bad things to come; most veterinarians consider this tumor to be the 'kiss of death'. Improvements in diagnosis and therapy of HSA have been slowly emerging ... This hemangiosarcoma is well demarcated from the normal hepatic parenchyma; sharp demarcation is an unusual feature of hemangiosarcomas. Large blood-filled lakes are apparent. Higher magnification shows bands of spindle-shaped endothelial cells with attendant destruction of hepatocytes, proliferation of plump endothelial cells, and atrophy of ...We propose that the frequent occurrence of canine hemangiosarcoma in defined dog breeds, as well as its similarity to homologous tumors in humans, offers unique models to solve the dilemma of stem cell plasticity and whether angiogenic endothelial cells and hematopoietic cells originate from a single cell or from distinct progenitor cells.

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Hemangiosarcoma is cancer of the vascular endothelium, or the blood vessel walls. It accounts for 0.2 to 3 percent of all canine tumors with a mean age at diagnosis of 9 to12 years.(1) Hemangiosarcoma most commonly affects the spleen and heart of golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers and German shepherds.

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Most human patients succumb to the tumor within three years of diagnosis. The aggressive, soft-tissue sarcoma is also challenging to study because it is rare, accounting for less than 1 percent of sarcomas. As with canine hemangiosarcoma, this cancer metastasizes freely because the malignant cells are in constant contact with the bloodstream.A Comprehensive Approach to Beat Canine Hemangiosarcoma. The landscape of canine hemangiosarcoma research continues to evolve. The past few years have shaken firmly held misconceptions and seen a convergence of research on hemangiosarcoma and angiosarcoma in dogs, humans, and laboratory animals.Hemangiosarcoma (HSA) is a common cancer of dogs, usually occurring beyond middle age and the following breeds are most frequently afflicted: Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Portuguese Water Dogs and Skye Terriers. Hemangiosarcoma is one of the cancers being studied in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.Roughly 20% of Golden Retrievers will suffer from hemangiosarcoma in their lifetimes.N2 - Background: Canine visceral hemangiosarcoma (HSA) is a highly aggressive cancer of endothelial origin that closely resembles visceral angiosarcoma in humans, both clinically and histopathologically. Currently there is an unmet need for new diagnostics and therapies for both forms of this disease.

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Hemangiosarcoma Are Uniquely Associated with Breed Beth A. Tamburini1, Susan Trapp2 ... contribute to disease susceptibility in humans, but few differences have been found [1,2,3]. Dog breeds may provide a useful surrogate for human ethnic groups. While dogs retain individualof the blood vessels of the liver (hepatic angiosarcoma) in humans (IARC 2008a,b,c). Hepatic angiosarcoma is a very rare type of can-cer; its estimated incidence in the United States is only 25 cases per year (Molina and Hernandez 2003). In experimental animals, this type of cancer is usually referred to as hemangiosarcoma; all threeAngiosarcoma is a rare neoplasm of endothelial origin that has limited treatment options and poor five-year survival. As a model for human angiosarcoma, we studied primary cells and tumorgrafts derived from canine hemangiosarcoma (HSA), which is also an endothelial malignancy with similar presentation and histology. Primary cells isolated from HSA showed constitutive extracellular signal ...

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Hemangiosarcoma comes from the cells lining the blood vessels. These can include bone cancer if the tumor starts in a blood vessel serving a bone. Some bone cancers are known as secondary tumors, meaning they have metastasized (spread) from a cancer originally appearing somewhere else. Almost all bone tumors in dogs are primary tumors, however.Hemangiosarcoma (HSA) is one of the most aggressive cancers out there with a very low survival rate by the time it is detected in our dogs. Hemangiosarcoma treatments in dogs have previously only extended the life of a dog few months. That's the reason NCCF has funded part of the research being done by the University of Minnesota that has led to a breakthrough in treating this dreaded disease!Studying the genetics of hemangiosarcoma—an incurable cancer of the cells that line blood vessels and affects one in five golden retrievers—may also lead to more information about its parallel human cancer, angiosarcoma. Only about one in a million people gets angiosarcoma, so "there just aren't enough people affected to do this kind of ...

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Hemangiosarcoma is rarely found in humans, so less research has been done, and the amount of information about the cause of this tumor is somewhat limited. Risk Factors. Hemangiosarcoma is more common in dogs than in any other species. It usually occurs in middle-aged to older dogs 6 to 13 years of age, although it has been seen in dogs less ....
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